Eclectic Design Las Campanas Private Residence

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A Las Campanas private residence is showcased here where Buffy utilized an Eclectic Color Scheme. Her favorite design task is creating an eclectic color scheme with multiple patterns and textures in one design. She takes it on as an artistic endeavor, marrying colors, patterns and textures that one wouldn’t think would go together, but somehow do.  She notes, "I love seeing the joy on a clients face when I’ve found the perfect pieces of the color scheme puzzle."  Buffy particularly loves the eclectic color scheme because it opens the doors wide and frees the client from having to choose any one style. 

Buffy has 20 + years as a licensed Interior Designer, is a certificate holder of NCIDQ, and recently appointed as the President of the NM ASID.

To learn more about Buffy and her work, CLICK HERE

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Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?

I have seen many articles on the subject of the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator. Most of them focus on the formal training that goes along with an interior design degree, or in today’s terms, an interior architecture degree. These articles are usually written by an interior designer that is determined to avoid being grievously offended by a client referring to them as a decorator. Admittedly, I used to be one of those designers that took it as a personal affront to be called an interior decorator. I spent years constantly correcting friends, family and clients and explaining the difference between the two. Oddly, though I went to school for interior design over twenty years ago, it wasn’t until I passed the NCIDQ Examination and became a licensed interior designer three years ago, that all the people in my life began to make the distinction. Who knows, maybe that is why I went to the trouble of getting the certification, even though it changed nothing about what I already knew as a design professional, or my capabilities as an interior designer.

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The Casa Grande building at Vermejo Park Ranch near Raton, New Mexico.

Santa Fe Interior Designer, Wiseman & Gale & Duncan, is very honored to be taking part in the renovation efforts taking place on The Casa Grande building at Vermejo Park Ranch near Raton, New Mexico.

The Casa Grande House also known as Bartlett's House, with construction commencing in 1908 for William H. Bartlett, the owner of the ranch at that time.

"In 1908 Bartlett began what is now called Casa Grande. The largest room was a library, 60 ft long by 30 ft wide, to house his collection of books, numbering more than 10,000 volumes. The house had 18 rooms: a kitchen but no dining room, a sunporch, six baths, and several bedrooms."

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Vintage Virgin Mary & Child

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This recent addition to our showroom is a stunner.  It is a Peruvian frame carved in the Spanish Colonial style featuring a lovely painting of Virgin Mary and Child.  This would be a wonderful addition to any art collection.


Custom Hand-forged Side Table

side tableThis hand-forged tiny side table with its aged mirror top measures only 9¾” in diameter x 24¼” high. It is the perfect answer for the ever constant question: "Where should I put this drink?"

New versatile fabrics for indoors and outdoors

Wonderful new outdoor/ all environment fabrics are available to use indoors. Every year the product becomes more beautiful and versatile. No one would ever guess it’s an outdoor acrylic. Our clients with grandchildren and pets love them for their indoor sofas and bedding. They can easily be wiped off with a mild Clorox solution. Can you believe it? Your dog will love you for letting him snuggle and drool. Come in and see our extensive selection.

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